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Swiss Precious Metals Institute
Transparency needs Know-How

Transparency and traceability in the precious metals market? We advise and guide you and your teams in these challenges.

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Swiss Precious Metals Institute
Understanding needs Know-How

Due Diligence Processes of the precious metals market? We have this unique know-how and advise and guide you and your teams.

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Swiss Precious Metals Institute
Criticism needs Know-How

We advise and guide you and your teams in the reflection process, which combines in particular ethics, environmental and human rights.

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Swiss Precious Metals Institute
Change needs Know-How

Establishing a control system according to national and international regulatory requirements? We have this unique know-how and advise and guide you and your teams.

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Swiss Precious Metals Institute
Let's bring our Know-How together

Let's talk about SPMI

About SPMI

SPMI is the competence center for the precious metals sector in Switzerland

Our institute offers specific advisory, training and further education seminars for companies involved in the processing and trading of precious metals as well as for trade auditors, official control bodies, NGOs, refineries, banks, the watch industry, international organisations etc.


    SPMI is a think tank for the precious metals sector. Accordingly, SPMI deals with all topics related to precious metals. Our experts act as an independent expert body in the form of professional consultations. SPMI's services are based on the needs of the precious metals sector and revolve around the concerns of the various stakeholders.


    In order to ensure a more intensive proximity to all stakeholders who are directly or indirectly active in the precious metals sector, SPMI offers the possibility of membership. A membership ensures regular and mutual interaction, which in turn enables the interests of individual members to be integrated in the SPMI's activities in the best possible way. SPMI constantly informs its members about the most important legal, political and technical developments in the precious metals sector and provides professional support on legal and operational issues.


    We firmly believe that the sustainable and transparent development of the precious metals sector can only happen if all stakeholders have the necessary know-how. To ensure and promote know-how, SPMI organizes events with sector representatives, authorities, national and international institutions and stakeholders.


    Passing on know-how is our mission. For this reason, SPMI - in cooperation with academic institutions - offers educational events on numerous topics concerning the precious metals sector (e.g. compliance).

What we offer

Our services

Preparation of expert opinions with regard to compliance with international and national requirements

Training and education in the areas of compliance, policy, market developments, advanced IT solutions for the whole supply chain to ensure authenticity, origin and traceability of precious metals

General advisory services in the precious metals sector (legal, tax and compliance advice)

Conducting voluntary audits in the area of financial market law (Money Laundering Act, Banking Act, FIDLEG...)

Definition and implementation of management and control systems in accordance with national and international regulatory requirements

Advice on operational processes at management and production level

Advice in the area of anti-counterfeiting

Forensic activities in the case of offences

Due Diligence Processes for Transactions with precious metals

Our mission

We offer an overview of the changing requirements

Our mission is to provide market players in the precious metals sector with an overview and advise on the complexity of regulatory requirements. We promote transparency and a common understanding of socially and environmentally compatible extraction and processing of precious metals in conformity with human rights as well as a responsible supply chain.

At the same time, we advise and support market participants and their teams in their initiatives with regard to legal, economic, ethical and environmental aspects in order to ensure the excellence and best-in-class character of the Swiss precious metals sector. In this respect, we are a think-tank for all stakeholders from the precious metals community.